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The Non Prophet Organisation is about cultural activism in a (rural) community context, in particular through performance within the leisure or recreational industry. We’re concerned about the social conditioning of mass culture in a consumer society; the waste of human and natural resources and how we can transform our environment for the better through activism in a community.

Our objective, hopefully, is to help our natural and human resources to flourish within relatively rural communities by being a cultural hub for the various community organizations and infrastructures already in place to work and play together to create a representative voice that addresses the cultural/environmental needs of humanity.

The rural community is a microcosm reflecting our global macrocosm. In this digital age of multi-media and alternative performance practices there is a window of opportunity to recreate our notion of entertainment and how we produce it: What we’re proposing is to some extent a revolution to the origin of recreational social activities in Dionysian festivals: The community played an active role in celebrating life, performing and creating there own cultural practices.

We will be working on a local level with a global outreach through the World Wide Web. We already have envisaged performance projects working with like-minded international and local community based organisations, etc. who are already working at local level to make the world a better place.

If you would like to know more about us or participate in any shape or form in The Non Prophet Organisation and Festivals please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to welcome and accommodate you.

The Non Prophet festivals are gatherings of local and international performers in many disciplines collectively considered as “artivists” – performers who are social activists, concerned about the socio-economic welfare of the earth’s natural and human resources. We’re interested in collaborating with other professionals and every-day experts - Distinguished by the participation of non-professional performers or so-called ‘everyday experts’ sharing their everyday expertise based ont their own lives. All the world is a stage with performers who are not actors, but specialists in particular spheres of life: ‘professionals of a theatre of the real world’ who are sometimes paid, sometimes volunteering, sometimes unaware they are performing for others who act and create to reinvigorate the socio-economic and ecological structure of our community.

Through our Non Prophet Festival of live performances, participatory site specific projects working with community we wish to entertain and effectively communicate with humanity to address cultural issues that concern us all, such as our mental and physical well-being.




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