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IN 432AD Patrick came again to Celtic Ireland


Preaching to its people, the pagani -


The country folk whose language he spoke


He came with a christian vision:


An urban religion unsuited to rural living


Irish tribes with a thriving culture of their own


To whom Be’al was better known


As the source of all life


The pagani believed in Brehan law, astronomy


But above all in tribal autonomy.


Druids, the high priests and heart of this system,


Which Patrick persuaded through faith not force


To create with him a new religion:


Respecting the existing culture and customs


Of the country folk for whom they all spoke.


Patrick appreciated what was held in common


All creatures, creed and class were welcome


In this poor man's kingdom


who sounded and looked like them


Wore the customary white robes


Carried the same Druid’s staff


And founded a church grounded


In the spiritual identity of the Irish Pagani


Who through their own resourcefulness,


Extended their intellectual boundaries


with missionaries spreading a spirituality:


An organic Celtic Christianity


Patrick’s monks were a tribe in a tribal society;


With Hive like huts


Where students swarmed like bees


Yearning for the gentle flowering religion of the Patricians.


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