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Having set up a theatrical group, called Relish Theatre Company (RTC) we’re currently working on taking theatre out of the confines of conventional theatrical spaces to make it more accessible to locals who wouldn't necessarily be theatregoers by putting performances on in other spaces than the darkened spaces we associate with theatre and film. These kind of spaces cut spectators and performers alike off from each other: as a collective gathered together we hardly notice and often ignore the presence of those around us unless they happen to encroach upon our personal space. We will look at this question of space in much greater detail in other performance pieces as well because it is only since Shakespeare’s time that theatre began to be performed in new spaces due to technological invention. Nicholas Ridout in Stage Fright, Animals, and Other Theatrical Problems (Theatre and Performance Theory) has something interesting things to say on the evolution of theatre. More on that later…

We performed Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life: Death in a pub to create interest in the group, which provoked some interesting reactions from the public and even more interesting reactions within the group. Fortunately we’ve all gone on to do other things and learned from that first foray in the Wild West.

The Fallen Angel or Alberto’s story is about a piece of paper can determine our dreams and the destruction of our own lives and those whom we love.

Paper Cuttings was also performed by locals at a monthly gathering of people interested the performing arts. The piece deals with long distance relationships, the generation gap and the breakdown of communication. Particularly relevant nowadays with the number of prodigal sons and daughters as well as absent paternal figures forced to leave loved ones at home in order survive and provide for their families.

Learning to Let Go deals with communication and how a family copes rather than confronts issues, past and present until John the “prodigal son” returns home on a surprise visit only to be greeted at the door by his troubled sister, aging parents and different ways of dealing with reality.
This production requires spect-actors to read and participate in a post-show discussion about our right to privacy and whether or not the end ever justifies the means. This is an on-going issue in our society, especially in the present age of technology, Internet and the World Wide Web.

These performances have been mostly for free and we will continue when possible to offer our pieces and performances to the public for as little as possible as Artivism is not about making money but freeing us from the bonds of slavery.

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