Claremorris Community Arts & Well-Being Festival & Event Summer 2019 Featured

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The objective is to merge community arts and well-being through arts, culture heritage and mindfulness practices: There are many ways to engage with communities in mind and body. What is essential is presence and active participation. Raising community awareness about the symbiotic relationship between culture and environment is not enough. We have to make communities believe that they are the local and global citizens who must embody  responsibility for the well-being of all. Understanding our inter-dependence requires mindfulness which means practicing self-compassion and loving kindness in our daily lives.


The purpose of our summer school, during heritage week culminating in a weekend community arts festival coinciding with Culture Night is to give our communities the tools and the skills to engage as active participants in bringing about this transformation in themselves.


How will we achieve this?


·      a series of creative workshops and cultural events empowering community members from all walks of life to engage in critical thinking, sharing our vision of our communities future and designing the community we envision through sharing our resources as a form of trading in new currencies:


·      How we spend our time, share our experience rather than consuming.


·      How we create a deeper sense of community and understanding  of our culture through the arts.


·      How we engage with our environment in compassionate and responsible ways.


The targeted end result is for the communities to recognise for themselves how they are already trading in these new currencies and can participate further through engaging in artivism - community arts and activism. This will be beneficial for themselves, and sustainable through the development of local and global communities supporting us in our socio-ecological practices and realisation of our inter-dependence.



The cultural events and creative workshops in mind, body and soul will be delivered over three national events:


·      Cruinniu na n’Og June 15th


·      National Heritage Week


·      Claremorris Community Arts and Heritage Festival 20-22 Sept 2019, during the weekend of Culture Night


The events and organisation will be carried out mostly by local artists, creative facilitators and everyday experts, ensuring a vested interest in the flourishing of community arts and well-being. We must practice what we preach and be seen to do so in our everyday lives if we want others to emulate good practice and that what we do is not a performance or show or means to an end but a way of living. we will be updating the list of participants from the community on our website and social media links over the coming weeks.







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