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 What is Meditation?

To ensure we are all at the same starting point, I want to start by offering definitions of meditation and mindfulness.  We'll unpack these definitions in more detail before taking a look at the various forms of meditation, as well as meditation's "active" and "receptive" characteristics.  I will also share with you the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (body, emotions, mind, and experiences), as this will be a framework for our exploration of mindfulness.  We will close with a sharing of what I feel the essence and purpose of meditation and mindfulness really are.

As I speak about meditation I would also like you to reflect when people ask you, "Oh, you're a meditation teacher" or whatever it is that you do, does it help you and others flourish in life? Because that’s what I consider is the real purpose of what I do as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.


Sometimes when people ask what I do, I say I'm A Writer, but then they want to know what I’ve written and I feel I have to defend myself when I say I write and yet don’t publish or share much even on the website. Other times, I might say I'm in theatre, when I feel like all the world’s a stage and I’m performing. But to begin to quiet oneself and pay attention inwardly is really one of the most radical acts a human can do nowadays and though not easy, necessary. Kabir, the Indian Poet and mystic said, "I felt in need of a great pilgrimage. So I sat still for three days. And that becomes a great pilgrimage." And in many ways mindfulness meditation is like going on a journey to discover the meaning of life for oneself.  

Join us on Culture Night Friday 18 @ 7pm to learn more about the different types of meditation practices, which you're probably already doing in some form or another.

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Topic: Culture Night: WHAT IS MEDITATION?
Time: Sep 18, 2020 07:00 PM Dublin

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