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Hi Folks,

we have been keeping culture alive in Claremorris and will continue to throughout the Autumn/Winter season and into Spring.

Claremorris Film Society

Claremorris Film Soc. are showing films for free in the library: usually the last Wednesday of the month, although due to Halloween break and kids needing to celebrate with parents we rescheduled for October.

We've got a course coming up in the new year. So now's a good time to mention it for your New Year Resolution to do something entertaining, creative and challenge yourself to think and be more creatively aware on what's going on.


What’s the Story?


12 Week Practical course in the art of storytelling




Playwright, Theatre-Maker, Dramaturge, Creative Writing and Performance Facilitator Masters in: English and American Literature and Civilisation (La Sorbonne, Paris) & Theatre & Drama Studies (NUI Galway) mentored by Robert McKee, The Great Courses of The Teaching Company & many years of experience giving workshops and working in the leisure industry.


Life is a journey. Great storytelling captures that journey:


These interactive classes will help you understand how stories are structured so you can enjoy and understand films, plays, and performances from a cultural and creative perspective and share your own stories. We’ll learn how to read and analyse literature, the structure of films, writing and performance techniques that make stories come alive.


Story Structures:


The Writer/Hero’s Journey: From Conflict to Resolution; Tragedy V Comedy


Sourcing material: Mythology, Biography, Adaptation and Creative Imagination.


Practical Structural Analysis of literature and breakdown of film Genres: Classics and Masterpieces,Comedy, Sci-Fi, fairytales and fantasy, Thriller, Horror, etc.,


This course is for story lovers who would like to better understand how stories shape our lives: The principles from masterpieces of the imagination. Begin your own creative journey of self-discovery through your own story medium: be it live performance, written or on film. If you need some fresh perspective and inspirational spark through discussion and advice on your creative choices, how to develop your creative voice or understand other’s this course is for you. 


Starts January 2019, 8-10pm      &         Ends April 2019


(Minimum of 6 participants)


Booking is essential. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What else is happening right now!


Claremorris Visual Artists exhibition, which has been in the library since Culture Night, is being transferred to Claremorris Gallery the 26th Oct. It's well worth checking out and we hope we'll have them exhibit again in the library.

Claremorris Community Radio has been busy and will be even busier moving to their new premises in the not too distant future. I continue to do my voice and vision show on Fridays at 4pm with them, which is worth a listen.

GOA Claremorris walking club are still going strong, every Wednesday at 6pm from the Curam and Saturday morning at 9.30am from McMahon Park, even though numbers are down since I stopped texting everyone to get of their asses.(GOA)

We continue to organise events with locals for the benefit of our community's cultural legacy to the next generation. So if you've got an idea about something we could do, please let us know. Thanks.

 That's it folks. Short and sweet as I've things to do.





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