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The Little Prince The Little Prince


The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery with aquarelles by the author is a classic story with a simple message: We’re never too old to learn from the wisdom of children and to rediscover our inner-child by letting our imagination run wild with possibilities.


For Cruinniú na nÓg 2019 we’d like to give children free reign to paint with aquarelles and create their own stories and exhibit and read extracts from them in the presence of their parents who are welcome to stay and play with their children.


What we propose is to have a reading of extracts from the book, a watercolour workshop and projection of the animated film The Little Prince that evening: The animated film might help parents remember to allow themselves, as well their children to play in their own way. It is important for the youth to hold onto their creative imagination in this age of technology.


We’d like bean bags and a soft-lettered floor to create a colourful, creative atmosphere and we’ll need a supply of suitable paper, pens, paintbrushes and aquarelles and space to exhibit as well as share the masterpieces of their imagination with the community and not just their family.


To further this day regular use of Claremorris Gallery to have readings, painting and screenings once a month during the summer season: The venue is perfect due to its space and location. It will also allow Claremorris Film Soc. to continue screening films during the spring/summer as the library cannot be used due to the longer daylight hours.


To encourage other cultures living in the community to participate we’ll have the story available for parents and children in English, Portuguese, Polish, French as there is a large community of people from other cultures now working and living in and around Claremorris. It may be possible in other languages if copies can be acquired.


There are a number of animated family films on themes of maintaining our storytelling traditions such as Kirikou, Song of the Sea, The Book of Kells, etc. we hope to screen later on.


Stories are often adapted for the screen and watched but the reading of them has been neglected by children and parents alike. It is necessary for our children’s collective imagination to be able to actively rather than passively recreate these stories themselves in each other’s presence.


We’re encouraging creative practices from other cultures, such as Carnival in Brazil, African textiles, etc. by making connections with these communities in Claremorris and elsewhere to create more cultural diversity and awareness in the community.




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