A time to shut up and shape up

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It's a battle at times to get out of bed in the morning, when I'm still yawning and though I don't have to do it while still dark it's still cold. The stillness and silence on a crisp misty morning is magical and melancholy.

It's the perfect time to brood on what one's done this year and live in hopeful fear that next year you'll break free from the monotony of unexplored life.

I love the quiet and the comfort of fire. The evening games and spark of desire as we perspire and conspire together to create a community.

I'll laugh and smile with ladies looking for the cold comfort of a shuttle cock beaten to death by a racket:

our feathery or plastic friend depending on the level of competition.

I'm in it for the fun and the company of friends and false foes on the cold battle field we call a gym

Barnacarroll being the community. Badminton the performance

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