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HI Folks,

I think we all seem to be lacking in human resources to help us manage and we definitely need to be planning for future applications and have a business plan as we are whether we like it or not part of the leisure industry but the service we're providing isn't always reaching audiences and therefore taxpayers money is being spent elsewhere and on other organisations with more personnel perhaps to do the applying in time.
I'm one person doing most of the work on my own and this is simply because I can't pay anybody and nobody has volunteered to help me. 
So perhaps we need to think about is getting the support we need from either bodies dedicated to applying for funding or become better organised ourselves. 
I'm pretty isolated in some ways where I live but there is so much information online that it's really about having more human resources to manage this work. I'm going to try and create such a team but in order for us to be able to work together we need to be creating our own little local network and transnational network that does not require a lot of travelling to each other's places for face to face meetings when we don't have the resources or time.
I was hoping to be involved in a landscape project with other spaces and because I had an interview for a job I couldn't go and ended up losing out on the opportunity. I simply couldn't afford to turn paid work down and it was a depressing time of the year to be considered by oneself unemployed and feeling the tyranny of the masses oppressing me into doing something other than what I really want to do.
It's not that we don't have the courage or conviction to live the life of performing artists but it's the struggle to survive in this competitive world of our own making that sometimes prevents me from participating in life the way I would like to. It's ironic and somewhat paradoxical that one needs to have resources in order to talk about the waste of resources and that bringing Other Spaces to Claremorris creates its own carbon footprint. 
I don't know how significant or insignificant our performances are in evolutionary terms but I would like to know how we can make a difference through our practices. 
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