The Flooding is over time to reawaken

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Flooding in its purest form involves forced, prolonged exposure to the actual stimulus that provoked the original trauma. 

In the mid-1960s, Thomas Stampfl, pioneered a technique called 'implosion therapy' to treat phobias. He found that phobic patients who were bombarded with detailed descriptions of the situations that they feared for six to nine continuous hours lost their fear of those situations. His research was expanded upon and refined by Zev Wanderer, who used biofeedback machines to monitor patients listening to verbal descriptions of what they most feared. By concentrating on the phrases that sparked the most intense reactions, Wanderer reduced the time needed for the first flooding session from nine hours to about two hours. Patients then returned for further sessions, usually as short as half an hour.

To increase the effectiveness of the therapy and shorten the time needed, Wanderer combined the in-office therapy with loop recordings of the phrases that were most likely to trigger the phobic reactions. His patients would take the tape recordings home and listen to them as 'homework'.

We have all witnessed if not personally experienced the flooding that has occurred this winter and spring and we are now inundated once again with politicians promising to alleviate our pains once we hand over the reigns of power to them to rule our world.

But what about taking a little more charge of our own lives and community by actually doing something ourselves? 

We’re born survivors but whether we thrive or not is up to us all. On this Spring awakening 1916 it has dawned on us once again that we are a nation struggling to survive in this climate of change.  as Freud or T.S. Eliot poetically put it.

“The way forward is the way back” to what may well be the only way we’ll regain a sense of natural balance with our environment be it political or natural. 

I’m talking about re-evolution and rebellion against the same oppressive powers that have dogged humanity since we crawled from the sea and began to breathe and breed and breed. 

There’s way to many of us rapacious creatures for nature to contend with so nature is fighting back by culling us once again through the spread of disease amongst us.

Don’t worry this is not all doom and gloom, its evolution and the sooner we learn to accept that, the sooner we’ll learn not to traumatise ourselves seeking solutions to the inevitable demise of our kind. By the way this is way, way, way in the future and by then we won’t even be thinking as we do now.

What we need to do now is live life and believe in the altruistic response of life itself to answer us.  Self-belief is more important than wishing things were different. So after our long winter of discontent it’s time to reawaken and fulfil our potential which has been hibernating and waiting impatiently to spring into action. 

We've a  long road ahead of us but we're in good company.


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