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I've often felt like I've a mission in life and I guess it comes down to sharing my vision. We all have dreams and visions or imagine ourselves playing various roles upon planet Earth but for me much of what I do is related to when I'll be six feet beneath the dirt or ashes in an urn or blown by the wind out to sea. There are many ways of imagining where my final resting place will be but perhaps what I'm looking for in life is a form of immortality or at least to be fondly remembered by friends and family and my community.

I feel like I've reached a stage in life where I feel free from the burden of my ego and the pressure of society and have achieved some understanding of me. Enough at least to be able to do something I believe in and am willing to commit my time and energy freely.

It's a releif to be able to work and play at the same time without having to prove anything to anybody and just enjoy the process. 

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