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The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery with aquarelles by the author is a classic story with a simple message: We’re never too old to learn from the wisdom of children and to rediscover our inner-child by letting our imagination run wild with possibilities.


For Cruinniú na nÓg 2019 we’d like to give children free reign to paint with aquarelles and create their own stories and exhibit and read extracts from them in the presence of their parents who are welcome to stay and play with their children.


What we propose is to have a reading of extracts from the book, a watercolour workshop and projection of the animated film The Little Prince that evening: The animated film might help parents remember to allow themselves, as well their children to play in their own way. It is important for the youth to hold onto their creative imagination in this age of technology.


We’d like bean bags and a soft-lettered floor to create a colourful, creative atmosphere and we’ll need a supply of suitable paper, pens, paintbrushes and aquarelles and space to exhibit as well as share the masterpieces of their imagination with the community and not just their family.


To further this day regular use of Claremorris Gallery to have readings, painting and screenings once a month during the summer season: The venue is perfect due to its space and location. It will also allow Claremorris Film Soc. to continue screening films during the spring/summer as the library cannot be used due to the longer daylight hours.


To encourage other cultures living in the community to participate we’ll have the story available for parents and children in English, Portuguese, Polish, French as there is a large community of people from other cultures now working and living in and around Claremorris. It may be possible in other languages if copies can be acquired.


There are a number of animated family films on themes of maintaining our storytelling traditions such as Kirikou, Song of the Sea, The Book of Kells, etc. we hope to screen later on.


Stories are often adapted for the screen and watched but the reading of them has been neglected by children and parents alike. It is necessary for our children’s collective imagination to be able to actively rather than passively recreate these stories themselves in each other’s presence.


We’re encouraging creative practices from other cultures, such as Carnival in Brazil, African textiles, etc. by making connections with these communities in Claremorris and elsewhere to create more cultural diversity and awareness in the community.




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Hello Walkers

hopefully, this may stir up a bit of interest in our walking group again

Walking Leaders Training is Saturday the 24th of November 9am – 4pm in An Sportlann Castlebar.

Let us or Deirdre know if anyone from the group may be interested in this which the cost of will be covered by the Sports Partnership.

Community Sports Development Officer,

Mayo Sports Partnership,

Mayo County Council,

Cedar House


Co. Mayo

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 094-90-64386



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Hi Folks,

we have been keeping culture alive in Claremorris and will continue to throughout the Autumn/Winter season and into Spring.

Claremorris Film Society

Claremorris Film Soc. are showing films for free in the library: usually the last Wednesday of the month, although due to Halloween break and kids needing to celebrate with parents we rescheduled for October.

We've got a course coming up in the new year. So now's a good time to mention it for your New Year Resolution to do something entertaining, creative and challenge yourself to think and be more creatively aware on what's going on.


What’s the Story?


12 Week Practical course in the art of storytelling




Playwright, Theatre-Maker, Dramaturge, Creative Writing and Performance Facilitator Masters in: English and American Literature and Civilisation (La Sorbonne, Paris) & Theatre & Drama Studies (NUI Galway) mentored by Robert McKee, The Great Courses of The Teaching Company & many years of experience giving workshops and working in the leisure industry.


Life is a journey. Great storytelling captures that journey:


These interactive classes will help you understand how stories are structured so you can enjoy and understand films, plays, and performances from a cultural and creative perspective and share your own stories. We’ll learn how to read and analyse literature, the structure of films, writing and performance techniques that make stories come alive.


Story Structures:


The Writer/Hero’s Journey: From Conflict to Resolution; Tragedy V Comedy


Sourcing material: Mythology, Biography, Adaptation and Creative Imagination.


Practical Structural Analysis of literature and breakdown of film Genres: Classics and Masterpieces,Comedy, Sci-Fi, fairytales and fantasy, Thriller, Horror, etc.,


This course is for story lovers who would like to better understand how stories shape our lives: The principles from masterpieces of the imagination. Begin your own creative journey of self-discovery through your own story medium: be it live performance, written or on film. If you need some fresh perspective and inspirational spark through discussion and advice on your creative choices, how to develop your creative voice or understand other’s this course is for you. 


Starts January 2019, 8-10pm      &         Ends April 2019


(Minimum of 6 participants)


Booking is essential. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What else is happening right now!


Claremorris Visual Artists exhibition, which has been in the library since Culture Night, is being transferred to Claremorris Gallery the 26th Oct. It's well worth checking out and we hope we'll have them exhibit again in the library.

Claremorris Community Radio has been busy and will be even busier moving to their new premises in the not too distant future. I continue to do my voice and vision show on Fridays at 4pm with them, which is worth a listen.

GOA Claremorris walking club are still going strong, every Wednesday at 6pm from the Curam and Saturday morning at 9.30am from McMahon Park, even though numbers are down since I stopped texting everyone to get of their asses.(GOA)

We continue to organise events with locals for the benefit of our community's cultural legacy to the next generation. So if you've got an idea about something we could do, please let us know. Thanks.

 That's it folks. Short and sweet as I've things to do.





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The visual artists collective of Claremorris community are opening a new exhibition in the Gallery, Mount St. on the 26th Oct. They have had another exhibition on display in the Library, which gives the library an unexpected visually appealing feel.

Please support community artists as our town is that bit more culturally vibrant thanks to them.

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Loop Tour Claremorris Town taking in the significant heritage sites with Pat Keane, local historian, followed by refreshments in Claremorris Library to celebrate the launch of Claremorris Community of Practice Website, dedicated to community arts, culture, heritage & environment.

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IN 432AD Patrick came again to Celtic Ireland


Preaching to its people, the pagani -


The country folk whose language he spoke


He came with a christian vision:


An urban religion unsuited to rural living


Irish tribes with a thriving culture of their own


To whom Be’al was better known


As the source of all life


The pagani believed in Brehan law, astronomy


But above all in tribal autonomy.


Druids, the high priests and heart of this system,


Which Patrick persuaded through faith not force


To create with him a new religion:


Respecting the existing culture and customs


Of the country folk for whom they all spoke.


Patrick appreciated what was held in common


All creatures, creed and class were welcome


In this poor man's kingdom


who sounded and looked like them


Wore the customary white robes


Carried the same Druid’s staff


And founded a church grounded


In the spiritual identity of the Irish Pagani


Who through their own resourcefulness,


Extended their intellectual boundaries


with missionaries spreading a spirituality:


An organic Celtic Christianity


Patrick’s monks were a tribe in a tribal society;


With Hive like huts


Where students swarmed like bees


Yearning for the gentle flowering religion of the Patricians.


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Friday 25th Aug 7.30pm at Claremorris Gallery, Mount St.
    Hazel the Great Tree of Forts: Multimedia talk on Ireland's Ancient Ring Forts by Archeologist Peter Casby
    Poitin; Multimedia talk on poitin by John Brennan Heritage Speaker
Saturday 26th Aug 7.30 pm at Claremorris Gallery, Mount St.
    Tree Bears Fruit - Exhibition by Artist Michael Wann
    The Story of Ireland by Fergal Keane.

Sunday 27th Aug 1-5pm at McMahon Park, Mayfield, Claremorris
Family Fun Day McMahon Park  – Bouncy castles; Clowning & Puppetry with Carrot Puppet Theatre; Nature Treasure Trail; Theatre Performance by Ala; Fortune Tellers; Numerology and Tarot Card reading Madame Pauline & Ayeshah; Survival skills with Mactire Bushcrafft; Craic agus Ceoil le Claremorris Community Radio.

Claremorris Community Arts & Heritage Festival 25-27th August promises to be as entertaining weekend: As part of Heritage week on Friday evening we go back in time to rediscover how Irish culture and communities lived in Ancient Ireland's Ring Forts and the role Hazel; the Great Tree of Forts played with local Archeologist Peter Casby. Afterwards illegal refreshments will be served up by John Brennan with the history and heritage of of Ireland's notoriously famous beverage Potion!

Friday evening and Saturday's event take place in Claremorris Gallery on Mount St, where we'll have a pop-up arts cafe, where you can enjoy un vrai cafe in the midst of name vision of rustic Ireland. Rediscover how you too can take part in community arts with courses coming up in the autumn and let the artist within flourish!

Sunday weather permitting McMahon Park will be buzzing with cultural biodiversity with bouncy castles and facepainting for the children, a nature trail for all the family to participate in with a prize for whoever discovers the anagram.
There'll be all sorts of sorcery with fortune-tellers and numerology, even invisible acts which will help us see that all the world's a stage.

With live music broadcast globally on Claremorris Community Radio via the internet join us wherever you or your family are in the world.

Visit & etc for further information on community arts and heritage events running in Claremorris for Heritage Week and throughout the year. Culture never rests! 

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Another summer is upon us and another time to celebrate our vibrant community arts and heritage here in Claremorris. The Claremorris Community Arts Festival will be held from Aug 20-27. The Non Prophet Organisation brings you music, theatre, films, workshops, exhibitions and many other family friendly events. 

Stay tuned for more about the line up of events.

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It's festival time again, celebrating community Arts and Heritage in Claremorris and its hinterland. This fledgling festival is beginning to spread its wings to other rural communities with other artists and everyday experts working in a community context. We're really pleased with the participation of locals last year in our events and the support we've gotten from other groups within our community to continue offering Arts and Heritage events. This year we're focusing on our sense of identity and re-evolution in an environmentally friendly way.

We live in a beautiful and relatively unspolit part of the world, with more history in our soil than one could imagine. If you don't believe me come to our Festival Opening Reception and the opening of Farmer/Artist Clive Bright's Exhibition on the secret life of soil. 

Have a look the line up of events and feel free to contact us for futher info. Our details are at the bottom.


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